Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine

The Transcend miniCPAP™ Machine is the one of the smallest and lightest CPAP machines on the market and yet offers a sound rating as low as, or better than, many other CPAP machines. With features such as ramp, auto altitude adjustment, and on board, advanced therapy tracking, this little CPAP machine does not sacrifice quality for size.

Versatile Power Options.
The optional Transcend Overnight Battery and Transcend Multi-Night Battery allow the Transcend Travel CPAP to be used on the go as well as at home.

When powering the Transcend CPAP machine with a standard wall outlet and a battery in place, the machine will automatically switch to be powered by battery in the event of a power outage. This feature is not available on any other machines. Beginning in fall of 2013, the manufacturer began including the power supply with attached power cord with international plug adapters for use in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and Australia and New Zealand. Earlier versions of the machine came with a single configuration power supply and cord. The adapters accommodate use in the United States and abroad.

The plug comes with the standard plug configuration used in the United States installed. To change the plug adapter, depress the flat button labeled “PUSH” on the adapter. Once depressed the adapter rotates counter clockwise (to the left) for removal from the body of the power adapter. Insert the desired plug adapter onto the power adapter and rotate clockwise (to the right) to lock in place.

For even greater versatility add the Transcend Solar Charger, perfect for use when camping or hiking or during extended power outages.

Small & Light CPAP Machine.
Weighing under 1 pound, the Transcend Travel CPAP is one of the lightest CPAP machines on the market. When traveling, this machine will not weigh down carry on luggage. The Transcend miniCPAP’s™ dimensions of 6.1 inches by 3.5 inches by 2.8 inches mean it can fit in the palm of your hand unlike many other CPAP machines. For more dimensions, see the Specs Tab.

Compatible with All Masks.
This machine comes with a standard six foot hose and hose adapter that make the Transcend CPAP compatible with all CPAP masks. Simply use the adapter to connect the hose to the machine.

Quiet as Market Leaders.
The machine’s 29 dB sound rating proves this small design doesn’t compromise sound. This rating matches a market leading line of CPAP machines.

Little, Yet Advanced.
The Transcend Travel CPAP Machine includes a ramp feature of 0 to 45 minutes and tracks AHI and leak detection for up to 12 months. Use the optional USB cable to access the ramp feature and advanced data (Click here to view a sample report). The Transcend miniCPAP™ also has auto altitude adjustment up to 8,000 feet.

Risk Free for 21 Days
If unhappy after purchasing the Transcend miniCPAP™, contact within 21 days of the machine ship date to receive a return authorization number. Ship the machine back to us and receive a refund for the machine cost once it is received. Please note that does not cover the cost of return shipping.

Product Name Change: This machine was formerly named the “Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine” but was renamed to the “Transcend miniCPAP™” due to a manufacturer update in 2013.

Filter Change: In 2013 the filter base of the Transcend miniCPAP™ changed. Previously the filter base was held on by a latch on the bottom of the machine. The updated version features a push button on one end of the Transcend miniCPAP™.




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