Res Med Standard Filters for S8 Series CPAP Machines (5 Pack)

This is a set of hypoallergenic filters for the S8 Series CPAP Machines. The Hypoallergenic Filter is a must-have among CPAP supplies for any customer suffering from allergies. This filter cleans the air as it enters the CPAP or Bilevel machine.

The filter is a combination of materials, with one side to block fine particles and the other to ward off large particulate matter.

When replacing your old filters, the blue/yellow side faces OUT and the white side faces IN.

The S8 line of CPAP machines does not use reusable foam and disposable filters, like other machines. This filter is the only one you need.

These filters, depending on the lot when purchased, can be colored blue or yellow. The effectiveness or quality is the same regardless of the color.


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