Res Med Standard 6ft CPAP Tubing Wrap (22 mm)

Blue 6-foot fabric hose cover insulates the breathing tube and reduces condensation and noise.  This cover slips over your existing breathing tube and has a zipper built in to ease installation.

Complementing the HumidAire 3i and all other heated humidifiers, the ResMed tubing wrap with micro-fiber filling maximizes heat retention along the air tube, enhancing patient comfort and reducing the effects of rainout.

Soft and smooth, the tubing wrap slides easily across the bedding, reducing drag and noise and improving the overall therapy experience. The tubing insulation has the added benefit of improving the look of your CPAP setup.Unlike other types of CPAP tubing wrap that are available, the ResMed CPAP tubing wrap is easy to put on and remove. It features a full length zipper so that you don’t have to bother with trying to slide the tubing wrap over your tube. It takes about 10 seconds to cover your CPAP tube with the ResMed tubing wrap. This is absolutely the best CPAP tubing insulation available.

  • Designed for 6′ 6″ (2 meter) tubes, but can work with longer or shorter tubes
  • Full length zipper for easy to slip on and removal
  • Easy to clean
  • Improved insulation
  • Will not catch on bed sheets

Even if you don’t use a humidifier we recommend the use of a CPAP tubing wrap to make your CPAP setup look less “clinical”.

If your tubing is shorter than about 6′ 6″ you will fold back a few inches of the tubing wrap. The end of the tube where you fold the tubing wrap back should be the end you attach to the CPAP machine. For a perfect fit we recommend ResMed’s 2 Meter Tube.



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