Res Med Slimline 6ft CPAP Tubing Wrap (15 mm)

ResMed has developed a custom hose cover for the SlimLine S9 Series Tubing. The tubing is made from insulated nylon material and zips up to wrap around the hose.

The wrap helps to insulate the hose from the cooler, ambient room air. Use the wrap to reduce condensation and rainout in the SlimLine Tubing.

ResMed indicates this tube wrapping can be used with both the SlimLine and ClimateLine tubing. However, the ClimateLine tubing is longer than the SlimLine tubing by about 7 inches. This tube wrapping fits the SlimLine from end to end. If you use this tube wrapping with the ClimateLine tubing it will not completely cover the length of the tubing.



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