Airsep Freestyle 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Unlike other portable oxygen concentrators, the lightweight FreeStyle 3 does not require a cart to go where you go. This oxygen therapy device comes with a standard carry bag that features side pockets for battery or accessory storage, a zipper cover for protection and a comfortable carry handle. The compact, FAA-approved FreeStyle 3 (just 6.1 inches wide, 8.6 inches high and 3.6 inches deep) readily slides under an airline seat and tidily fits in a vehicle.

FreeStyle 3 runs in any flow setting off of AC (home) and DC (automobile or boat) sources, as well as internal lithium ion battery. When the portable oxygen concentrator is plugged into an AC or DC source, the internal battery conveniently charges — the FreeStyle 3 is ready whenever you are.

Good Sense:

FreeStyle 3 packs exclusive UltraSense technology that minimizes the effort needed to trigger a pulse dosage. UltraSense also enables users to set the FreeStyle 3 down and roam freely if a 25-foot cannula is used. To make the most of this mobility, the Freestyle 3 has a flexible, swivel oxygen outlet.

Power Forward:

FreeStyle 3’s standard internal battery provides 3.5 hours of operation in flow setting one, 2 hours in flow setting three and will fully recharge in approximately 3 hours. Smartly designed accessories support active lifestyles, including an optional external power cartridge for an additional five hours of operation at flow setting three and up to 10 hours on setting one. A unique air belt is also offered, so users can wear an additional external battery for up to 3.5 additional hours of power for outdoor excursions and activities.

AirSep FreeStyle 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight — Concentrator weighs 4.4 pounds, the battery weighs .53 pounds; less than five pounds combined.
  • Highly portable — Wearable oxygen concentrator with adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Easy to power — A universal power supply is standard; the unit can be powered via AC or DC source while simultaneously charging the battery.
  • Simple operation — Panel features soft-touch buttons that are enhanced with Braille to indicate pulse settings.
  • Informative — A highly legible, top-of-unit panel features a battery charge indicator and a battery test button for internal battery charge testing.
  • FreeStyle 3 is FAA-approved for airline flights.



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